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Rest Stop Locations and Operating Times


Day 1


Distance & Hours

Rest Stop 1 – William E. Norris School – Elementary

34 Pomeroy Meadow Rd, Southampton, MA 01073

S17.9 /L20.8

PUT OUT THE SIGN WHERE SO PEOPLE CAN’T MISS YOU Setup in the grassy area to the left when you enter 9am-noon
Portable Toilet behind the school

Rest Stop 2 – McRay’s Coutry Creamery/Stone Falls Mini Golf

55 Alvord St, South Hadley, MA 01075


PUT OUT THE SIGN WHERE SO PEOPLE CAN’T MISS YOU Set-up in the grassy area behind the stone wall 10am-2pm
Toilet inide

Day 2

Rest Stop 1 – Russel Memorial Park – ChesterField Center

5 South St, Chesterfield, MA 01012


PUT OUT THE SIGN WHERE SO PEOPLE CAN’T MISS YOU Park is opposite the Post Office
Set up in the grassy area behind the parking places
Toilet should be visable

Rest Stop 2 – Mineral Hills Winery

592 Sylvester Rd, Florence, MA 01062

S30.7 / L50.3

PUT OUT THE SIGN WHERE SO PEOPLE CAN’T MISS YOU Setup in the area where the picnic table are
Toilet should be visable

Day 3

Rest Stop 1 – Quabbin Visitor Center

100 Winsor Dam Rd, Belchertown, MA 01007


Set up in the grassy area by the parking lot to your right 9am-noon
Toilets in the visitors center

Rest Stop 2 – New Braintree Town Offices

20 Memorial Dr, New Braintree, MA 01531


Set up corner of Utly and Memorial either side of Memorial 9:00am-2pm
Toilets inside

Day 4

Rest Stop 1 – Wachusett Mtn St Reservation – Visitor’s Cntr

345 Mountain Rd, Princeton, MA 01541


PUT OUT THE SIGN BY THE ENTRANCE ON MOUNTAIN RD Check with Geof Tilotson for location 9am-1pm
ALSO CHALK THE ROAD Toilets inside

Rest Stop 2 – Schultz Country Store and Barnside Café

163 Maple Ave, Rutland, MA 01543


PUT SIGN ON MAPLE AVE SO PEOPLE CAN’T MISS YOU Set up in the greasy area at the edge of the parking lot 10am-3pm
CHALK THE ROAD TOO Toilets inside

Day 5

Rest Stop 1 – Coldbrook Springs Railroad Depot Site – Central Ma Rail Trail

Coldbrook Rd, Barre, MA 01005


Set up in Parking lot 8:30-noon
Toilets in Parking lot

Rest Stop 2 – Petersham Common

Across from 2 N Main St, Petersham, MA 01366


Set up on the right side of West st across from Country Store 9:30-2:30
Toilet in country store
Distance on routes

Day 6

Rest Stop 1 – Templeton Country Store

3 S Rd, Templeton, MA 01468


Set up on the green oppoiste the store 9am-noon
Toilet in country store

Rest Stop 2 – Tully Lake Recreation Area

14-, 24 W Royalston Rd, Royalston, MA 01368

S35.2 /L 41.9

Turn left into the park. Set up at pavilion on the left. If not available setup down by the water 10am-3pm
Toilets are opposite the pavillion

Day 7

Rest Stop 1 – The Montague Bookmill

440 Greenfield Rd, Montague, MA 01351


Café opens at 8am, bookstore at 10 Set up on grassy area just after turn on to Greenfield Rd 8:30am – 11am
Toilets inside the restaurant and the bookstore