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State Bike Tour Volunteers

Volunteering is a great way to be part of Cycle Massachusetts’ State Bike Tour. People will love you and you will love the experience. The most important qualifications are that you be friendly, helpful and responsive to the needs of our riders and that you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. This is really important if we are to maintain our reputation as the Friendliest Ride in The East. And best of all, fees are waived. 

Some preference will be given to people who have a car that they are will to use and or share during the tour.

Register to Volunteer

The volunteer registration form has been closed, but several positions may still be available. To inquire about volunteering, please email info@cyclema.com

Kinds of Volunteers

Route Scouter/Marker Volunteers

  • Scout and mark 1 route and receive credit for riding days 1-4.
  • Scout and  mark 2 routes and you can ride every day for free (this is not as hard as you might think).

Truck/Van driver Volunteers

  • Truck driving days are Monday, Tuesday (late afternoon), Wednesday and Friday
  • Truck drivers can ride all other days if they want
  • Truck/Van drivers will receive a free jersey.
  • Van drivers must be available in the morning and late afternoon, but will be able to ride most days.

All other Volunteers

  • If you are willing to work all 7 days, we will smother you with love and appreciation!
    And if you are willing to work all 7 days, we offer a credit for someone else to ride this year or for you to ride for free next year. Plus, we are happy to give you a day off in the middle of the week if you need it.
  • If you commit to working any 4 out of 7 days, you will be able to ride the other 3 and depending upon our day to day needs, potentially ride a 4th day.
  • If you can only work a few days, let us know and we will see how we can fit you in.

Volunteer positions and responsibilities

Truck Driver

  • Previous experience driving a box truck a plus
  • Good sense of direction or have a GPS to use while driving
  • Organized
  • Supervise and help load luggage on the move mornings.
  • Drive to next overnight stop.
  • Supervise and help unload luggage at campsite.
  • Keep track of location of camp gear and supplies that may be transported in the truck or any other vehicle.
  • Shuttle 4-day riders’ bikes back to the start on Tuesday evening
  • Driving days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus later afternoon on Tuesday.

SAG support

  • Assist Rest Stop volunteers with morning stock up of food and drink for the day.
  • Make sure you have water and some emergency snack in your vehicle.
  • Transport riders who opt  to use our head start drop-off service
  • Respond to calls as necessary for water, minor mechanical assistance and transport
  • Experience doing SAG support
  • Have a car with automatic transmission that can be used by others

Rest Stop staffing

  • Set up rest stop(s)
  • Stock your vehicle with water, sport bars and other snacks.
  • Cut up and server fruit
  • Enforce not glove rule and endure that people use anti-bacterial gel
Preferences given
  • Have a car with automatic transmission that can be used by others
  • Be a non-riding volunteer


  • Experience for simple minor repairs & adjustments on all types of bikes.
  • Must be willing to work all 7 days.
  • Must be punctual for on duty hours.
  • Friendly outgoing people person.
  • Must provide own tools along with repair stand.
  • Will be able to ride most days.
  • Provide mechanical assistance and repairs before and after each day’s ride.
  • On-duty hours are at least for 1 Hour after Breakfast and 1 Hour after Diner.
  • Be available for trips to bike shops as necessary.


  • Friendly
  • Efficient
  • Good with people
  • Organized
  • Lead hospitality area set-up and staffing.
  • Act as the central source for rider, camp and locality information
  • Post important messages and meal information
  • Distribute printed rider material as necessary
  • Maintain sign-up lists for special events
  • Post volunteer lists and assignments and make sure all job descriptions are available.
  • Assure that drinks and snacks are available for returning riders
  • Be friendly, cheerful and helpful.
  • Maintain watch over the camp during the day

Miscellaneous/General Volunteer help

  • Assist with setting up hospitality area including having drinks and snacks available for riders when they enter camp
  • Assist caterers as necessary
  • Assist with loading trucks and other vehicles and filling water jugs
  • Assist with loading, unloading, camp set-up and breakdown
  • Shuttle riders between camp and off-site activities
  • Shuttle riders taking advantage of Head Start Drop-off services
  • Assist in shopping as needed
  • Assist with loading and unloading luggage truck and camp set-up.
  • Run errands
  • Fill in for other positions as necessary

Route planning responsibilities (scouting and marking)

  • Scout route(s) in June and recommend changes to draft routes as necessary.
  • Paint route arrows any time in July (Don’t wait until the last week in case of bad weather).
    • Roads must be dry when applying paint.
    • Paint will be provided (no substitutes)
    • Placement guidelines and an arrow design will be provided and must be adhered to.
  • Create a lists of
    • Possible places for rest stops every 15 to 20 miles.
      Ideas include cafes, country stores, farm stands, bakeries, parks, bicycles stores, etc.)

      • The location must have
        • Room for bikes to pull off the road
        • A spot for snack setup
        • Food available for purchase from the location.store owner are best
        • Toilets: not absolutely necessary (we can bring in portable toilets if OK with them).
    • Places for food (possible rest stop if ok with owner)
      • Type (café, restaurant, convenience store, etc),
      • Hours of operation and days they are open,
    • Toilet locations and types (portable toilet, gas station, restaurant, etc)
    • Points of interest – check chambers of commerce, internet, etc.
      We promise our riders a POI every 10 miles or less.

      • If not right on routes, we need distance from route and directions.
      • Include places where swimming is possible
    • For all of the above, you will need to provide
      • Mileage on the cue sheet and/or
      • Address, Cross Roads, or name of place (we need to know how to find it)
  • Be at the hospitality table to answer questions on the day your route will be ridden.
  • Help out at camp
  • Be an on-road and in camp ambassador and
  • Be willing to lend a hand when we need extra hands.