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Day 1 – Greenfield Routes

Three Routes to Choose From

  • Long – 60 miles
  • Short – 41 miles
  • Family – 16 miles

See the Day 1 Routes


On the way out of Greenfield, you will pass GREEN RIVER Swimming & Recreation Area. It will likely be a little early to swim, but it’s only a couple of miles from our host locations. So it good for later this day on on Sunday. If you forget how to get there, just ask at the hospitality table

The highlight of the day will be a visit to Shelburne Falls; a quint, beautiful and bustling community situated on the Deerfield River and well known for the Bridge of Flowers. The historic downtown had remained unchanged for decades making if feel like like a totally comfortable place to hang out. There are lots of shops, cafes and restaurant right on the main street. But don’t miss walking down Deerfield Avenue to the falls. There you’ll see glacial pothole which are a lot more interesting to look that you would imagine. And hopefully, the new Public Market will be open by the time the tour starts.

After a lovely ride through the countryside, the routes converge just outside of Historic Deerfield. It worth spending a little time there looking at the old buildings or getting a bite or a drink at the Deerfield Inn,

If you ride the Shorter or Longer routes, we recommend a stop at The People Pint if you fancy a beer in a bike friendly place. If not, head back to camp and we’ll have Crooked Stick Popsicles with their sophisticated flavors waiting for you.

The ride is too long and hilly for a family ride and a visit Shelburne Falls by bike, so we have created a special ride for you.  It does go past the swimming  area but then splits from the other routes. You be able to ride across a covered bridge and visit Kringle Candles with it’s Retail Store, Country Barn, Chocolate Cottage  and Farm Table Restaurant. You will know you arrived when you see the giant red chicken sculptures in the yard.  And after you finish that ride, if there aren’t enough things for you to do around camp, Shelburne Falls is just a short drive. Or a little over 5 miles south is Old Deerfield Village, an interesting place for kids and adults alike.