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Day 3 – Greenfield to Putney, VT

Two Rides to Choose From

  • Long – 55 miles
  • Short – 33 miles

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Brattleboro is an historic old Vermont city with a busy main street and lot lots of art and culture; not to mention cafes and restaurants. You’ll want to linger here. The Coop is THE place to hang out, but you can park you bike and explore the streets full of shop, bars, bakeries and restaurants.

Along the route, you will often be riding along the Connecticut River, you’ll see old trucks on the side of the road, a large dam, buildings dating back to the 19th century/

When you arrive in Putney, you;ll find that for a small town, it has a lot to offer. A few restaurants, a food coop, a country store, Basketville, wine tasting, a maple farm and a yoga studio where we’ve arranged for a restorative class at 3:30.

Our overnight locations is Landmark College. It has a very nice campus, some attractive buildings and great food.