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Day 2 – Greenfield Routes

Three Routes to Choose From

  • Long – 54 miles
  • Short – 35 miles
  • Family – 11 miles
  • Mt Sugarloaf option adds 4 miles

See the Day 2 Routes


Today’s routes all cross over to the other side of the Connecticut River. Early in the routes, you’ll pass by The Discover Center in Turner Falls. Its a great place of kids of all ages to learn about the area. And you’ll have a great view of the falls. Then you’ll spend some time on the lovely Canalside Rail Trail. And all of the routes converge close to take rider back across the the river on a restored railroad trestle before heading home.

Riders on the longer routes will have the option to challenge themselves with a climb up Mount Sugarloaf. The view is beautiful from the top, but one pays the price to get there! Spend some time at the Montague Book Mill complex( Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find) and stopping for fruit or ice creams at one of the many farm stands along the way.

Day 2 – Family