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State Bike Tour Routes

Route Information

Everybody asks; “Where are we going to ride.”  And although the routes will likely see many revisions after the winter is over, we want you to know where we will be each day. We will also be adding more descriptions, route notes and special activities and deals as they become available

Note that if there are any days where the rides are too long for you, we offer our participants “head start, drop off service so you can start up to 20 miles into any ride.

Route Comparisons

2016 had some very challenging riding days and we’ve had people asking us what it will be like in 2017.  To make it easier for people to evaluate the 2017 tour routes, we have put together the following information.

Note that we are still working on non-move day routes.

Draft 2017 Draft Routes

For the days we move are at

Here are the 2017 draft move days with climbing and distance

  • Monday, August 7th – Greenfield to Putney: +1764ft   34miles (there will be a longer option too)
  • Wednesday, August 9th – Putney to Orange: +3283ft   56.4miles
  • Friday, August 11th  – Orange to Greenfield : +2672ft   41.5miles

2016 Routes

All 2016 routes are at

Here are the 2016 move days with climbing and distance.

  • Monday – Dudley to Enfield: +3075ft   47miles
  • Tuesday – Enfield to Great Barrington: + 4112ft   49.9miles
  • Thursday – Great Barrington to Wilbraham: +3197ft   57.9miles
  • Friday – Wilbraham to Dudley: +3002ft   41.1miles

2017 Draft Routes for our Move Days