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Templates and Specification

After clicking on each link, scroll down to the section for software template and click on Download Vertical Template

About Our Tours

The goal of our tours is to celebrate cycling in Massachusetts and to have fun. Join us for all the excitement as we explore Massachusetts, cruising through the beautiful countryside of rolling fields, majestic woods, and picturesque towns.

Cycle Massachusetts supports the community by arranging inclusive community bike rides, cycling events and affordable European tours. We are also committed to supporting numerous cycling and urban livability organizations including MassBike, Livable Streets Alliance and Bikes Not Bombs.

We bill ourselves as “The Friendliest Ride In The East.”


What do you think of when you go for a ride? What do you think of when looking for a tour?
We think it’s more than just going from point A to point B. We think it’s about scenic, well-marked routes through quaint New England towns, farms and forests, lakes, and rivers. We think it’s also about smelling the flowers, lingering at lunch, eating ice cream, making new friends, taking a plunge into a pond, buying fruit from a farm, watching a sunset, pedaling at your own pace, climbing a mountain if you want, recharging, rekindling and chasing a dream.

Our State Bike Tour

What I look for in a poster

A good poster will cause people walking by to stop and move close and find out more. So a good poster must first get their attention. All posters should use vertical orientation

The message we want to convey is friendly, fun, and sociable.

Key elements

Text that must be include

  • Cycle Massachusetts and State Bike Tour
  • Date: August 8-12, 2020
  • Our URL:

Optional Text

  • The Friendliest Ride in the East
  • Celebrating Cycling in Massachusetts

Note: Don’t add these unless it makes sense to you and the design.
Don’t add both unless it makes sense to you and the design

Possible images that might included (but use your imagination for others)

  • New England Villages, farms and vistas
  • People Riding bicycles
    • People on road bikes with curved down handlebars (road bikes)
    • Two or 3 riders together is usually best with both men and women
    • Single rider may be OK
  • Please don’t show images
    • that look like Boston or Cape Cod since we will be in the countryside and not the coast
    • that have steep mountains (we don’t want to scare anyone). We like rolling hills

Sizes to be printed

  • Poster – 11×17
  • Flyer – 8.5 x 11
  • Postcards 4×6

This means that the bleed area of the image needs to be large enough to fit all of the above sizes


  • Having text and key elements in a layer separate from image layers makes it possible to make adjustments for different sizes or issue encounter when printing.
  •  While the printer can accommodate the formats below, my preference is Photoshop.
    • Adobe Acrobat 9 Document (*.pdf) (recommended)
    • Adobe Illustrator CS3 Artwork (*.ai) (recommended)
    • Adobe Photoshop CS3 Image (*.psd) (recommended)
    • Bitmap Image (*.bmp)
    • GIF Image (*.gif)
    • JPEG Image (*.jpg,*.jpeg)
    • 350 dpi at 100% of the final print size

Links for all templates can be found at
Pay close attention to the safe margin area

My Contact Info if you have questions or want to talk about any ideas you have.

Bruce Lederer
Cycle Massachusetts
617 710-1832