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Bicycle Club Challenge

Welcome to our Bicycle Club Challenge page!
The Friendliest Ride in the East is now firing up some friendly club competition in the run up to our State Bike Tour from Aug 3rd – 7th, 2018.

Sign Up For The Challenge

To get the ball rolling, we’ve listed a few clubs in the area. We know they’ll come through but want this list to keep growing. If your club isn’t on the list or if we still need a club contact for your club, please fill out the form below and we will add your club or update your contact.

When you register as your club contact, we will send you the club discount code with information on how to spread the word. Or you can copy and past the sample facebook post below.

If you are a group not affiiated with a club, make up your own club name, submit the form and  you can be part of this too.
Note that the challenge is for clubs or groups of 3 or more..
Please respect the spirit of the challenge and the Friendliest Ride in The East.

When registering for the tour, make sure you and your other club menbers answer the Bike Club Challenge question to receive your credits.

What Do YOU Get?

Every rider who signs up receives an automatic $30 discount on his/her registration fee.

If 5 – 9 riders in your club sign up, Cycle Massachusetts will donate $150 to the club. If 10 or more riders sign up, Cycle Massachusetts will donate $250 to the club.

Finally, if your club signs up the most riders, each rider will receive a free pair of Cycle Mass socks!

If you have any questions, please contact our Tour Director, Bruce Lederer

Sample Facebook Post

Our club is now officially signed up for the Cycle Massachusetts Bicycle Club Challenge! If you sign up as a member of our club, you’ll receive a $30 discount on your registration fee. If enough of our club riders sign up, we’ll receive a donation for our club – $150 if 5 – 9 riders sign up and $250 for 10 or more registrants. Plus, if our club signs up the most members, we’ll each receive a free pair of Cycle Mass socks! To take advantage of this offer, specify [your club name] when you register and use the coupon code [your code]. If you have any questions or need help sorting this out, please send me a message

Club List

Bike Rides For Ordinary People MA Sandy AT
Sound Cyclists CT
Niagara Frontier Bike Club NY David Dunkle or
Jack Rimlinger
Slow Ya Roll MA John Hirtle
Boston Bike Uncles Club MA Vishal Iyer
Five Boro Bicycle Club(NYC) NY Contact Needed
Rochester Bicycling Club NY Contact Needed
Westcester Cycling NY Contact Needed
Harrisburg Bicycle Club PA Contact Needed
Narragansett Bay Wheelmen RI Contact Needed

After the end of February, we will regularly sort this list so you can see who is in the lead.