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Welcome to Cycle Massachusetts

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About Our Tours

What do you think of when you go for a ride?  What do you think of when looking for a tour?
We think it’s more than just going from point A to point B. We think it’s about scenic, well-marked routes through quaint New England towns, farms and forests, lakes and rivers.  We think it’s also about smelling the flowers, lingering at lunch, eating ice cream, making new friends, taking a plunge into a pond, buying fruit from a farm, watching a sunset, pedaling at your own pace, climbing a mountain if you want, recharging, rekindling and chasing a dream.

Welcome To Cycle Massachusetts

Finding your way is part of the fun

Finding your way is part of the fun

With experience dating back to 2007, we are dedicated to differentiating ourselves from other tours.  Over the years, we have tweaked and tinkered, added and adjusted, and are proud to call ourselves “The Friendliest Rides in the East”.

What else we do

Cycle Massachusetts is dedicated to Celebrating Cycling in Massachusetts. We organize, participate and support many other rides in Massachusetts and we are active in promoting bicycle tourism so that others will see what a great place our state is for cycling.

And just for the fun of it, we organize one or two international tours each year.